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red plant leaves

About Us

We are dedicated to providing high-quality Ayurvedic & Herbal products that promote overall wellness. Our products are carefully formulated using natural ingredients to enhance your health naturally.

woman standing near body of water
woman standing near body of water

Our Products

Digestive Wellness

Kamala PETBANDHU ® Syrup

Herbal Sugarfree Digestive Enzyme Syrup

450 ml | MRP 170 INR

Kamala UDARAMRIT ® Syrup

Herbal Sugarfree Antacid Syrup

450 ml | MRP 163 INR

Kamala END PIL Capsules

Natural solution for Piles, Fissure, Fistula and Constipation

30 Capsules | MRP 180 INR

Kamala K-Lax Powder

For gastric trouble & A safe laxative

100 gm | MRP 95 INR

Bones, Joints & Nerves Wellness

Kamala DARDNA Capsules

Arthritis and joint pain care

30 Capsules | MRP 160 INR

Kamala DARDNA Oil

Ayurvedic pain relieving massage oil

50 ml - MRP 99 INR, 100 ml - 190 INR

Kamala NERVE SUPPORT Capsules

For sciatica, neuropathy, paralysis and nerve related disorders

30 Capsules | MRP 160 INR

Sexual Wellness

4M-X Powder

Sexual wellness for Men

100 gm | MRP 330 INR

4F-X Capsules

Sexual Wellness for Women

30 Capsules | MRP 450 INR

Skin Wellness

Twachamrit Capsules

Skin Wellness

30 Capsules | MRP 160 INR

Twachamrit Oil

Skin Wellness

10 ml - MRP 45 INR | 30 ml - MRP 85 INR

person holding dropper
person holding dropper

Women's Care

Kamala Euteen SF Syrup

Menstrual regulator, infertility, general health tonic for females

450 ml | MRP 180 INR

Kamala LEUCO-OUT Capsules

For vaginal discharge & itching

30 Capsules | MRP 160 INR

Immunity Wellness

Kamala BALWAN ® Syrup

Herbal Sugarfree Hematinic Syrup

450 ml | MRP 190 INR

Kamala KOF-GO Syrup

An effective herbal cough syrup

100 ml | MRP 65 INR


All season immunity booster

500 gm | 250 INR

Single Drug Therapy

Ashwagandha Tablets

Pure Ashwagandha Roots Extracts - For Strength & General Wellness

30 Tablets | MRP 150 INR

Giloy Ghan Vati (Tablets)

Pure Giloy (Guduchi) Extracts - Immunity Wellness

30 Tablets | MRP 130 INR

Shilajit Capsules

Pure Shilajit Extracts - Energy booster, Vigour & Stamina

30 Capsules | MRP 270 INR

Customer Reviews

coffee in ceramic mug served on board
coffee in ceramic mug served on board

I've been using Kamala Pharma's products for a month now and I can already feel the difference. My digestion has improved significantly.

ocean during sunset
ocean during sunset

The sexual wellness products from Kamala Pharma are amazing. They have helped me regain my confidence in the bedroom.

green vegetable beside ceramic bowl
green vegetable beside ceramic bowl

I love the skin wellness products from Kamala Pharma. My skin feels nourished and radiant after using them.

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